Encore – Setlisten: Eliza And The Bear, BiNuu, 5. September 2014 in Berlin

Setliste von Eliza And The BearNoch so eine kraftvolle Band aus London, die am Ende des First We Take Berlin Marathons die Bühne des BiNuu in Berlin abfackelt. Was war für James Kellegher und Eliza And The Bear das Besondere des Konzertes? Wie haben sie die Setliste ausgewählt?

James Kellegher (Gesang und Gitarre):

“It is our first time in Berlin. Coming to a city for the first time can be nerve-racking. You don’t know the venue. But to be able to play in front of a lot of people was a surprise and a pleasure for us. The last time in Germany we played in Hamburg, Köln, Erlangen and Frankfurt. Tonight we played six released songs. And we put our two favorites (Natives, Thief) unheard songs on the setlist. You have to figure out what works immediately live. Slow songs might not work to a new crowd, so we pick more of the upbeat songs.”

Eliza And The Bear, BiNuu – First We Take Berlin, 5. September 2014 in Berlin.