Encore – Setlisten: Sondre Lerche, Berghain-Katine, 3. November 2014 in Berlin

Setliste von Sondre LercheBei einem Konzert des kleinen Norwegers aus New York geht es voller Energie an die Emotionen. Mal lotet er die Grenzen aus, wie viel Dissonanz und Zerstörung ein Popsong verträgt. Dann tritt er neben das Mikrofon und singt einen Song ohne Verstärkung. Oder zelebriert mit Modern Nature (fehlt am Ende auf der Setliste) den dialogischen Gesang mit zwei Frauen aus dem Publikum. In jedem Moment der 90 Minuten hat er die knapp hundert Leute in der Hand. Wenn der letzte Akkord ausklingt und der Applaus noch nicht eingesetzt hat, ist nicht ein Husten in der Kantine zu hören.  Sondre Lerche feiert an diesem Abend mit seinem Publikum ein Fest der Liebe zur Musik. Was war für Sondre Lerche das Besondere des Konzertes? Wie hat er die Setliste zusammengestellt?

Sondre Lerche:

“It was a fun show and the audience was great. But the sound on stage is very dead. You don’t get a lot back from the actual sound. Cause I don’t hear the room, I only hear the stage sound. Some people like that, because you can control it. I don’t like it. I hear the audience, but I don’t hear the sound you guys are hearing – there is no bleed and no messiness. It takes a bit of concentration, because you don’t really get a lot of explosions from the sound. But the audience was very good, very attentive. It is usually very quiet, but the last song was extra intense in Berlin. I love the singing with the audience in Modern Nature. That’s what I’m hoping for. They were a bit shy in the beginning but then they let loose. They were very nice.” The Setlist: “Up until now I usually would play whatever I wanted to play and the band would just have to follow. But for this tour I wanted to make a show rather than a concert. So this setlist is pretty much the same every day. I have one surprise song here (points at the ? and writes down Go Right Ahead) – the band doesn’t know about. And also today I added a song here (writes Say It All). So, there is always room for improvisation, but it is the first time I have a strict setlist. I wanted to start dramatic because there is excitement in the first song, then do something the people already know but new. After that go back in time, then back to the new and end with bombastic songs.”

Sondre Lerche, Berghain-Kantine, 3. November 2014 in Berlin.